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Cold outside, warm inside.Tuesday early morning in Washington DC ... Snow tapering off.A partially frozen Patuxent River in Upper Marlboro Maryland. It may be wintrously gorgeous but I'm ready for spring. With @dcmdb @g_20190Wonderful late afternoon tour of Compton Bassett grounds in Upper Marlboro that made the 18 degree temperatures disappear. Unless you look closely and realize that the geese are walking on the frozen Patuxent River.So many poles, so many wires. Rattles my Virgo sensibilities to the core. 😛The There's like 6 blocks in the whole city of Washington that look like this. The entire city of Baltimore looks like this. So close, yet SO different.Wearing my Carhartt and my lucky scarf on this bitter cold day in Baltimore.Scouting visit in Baltimore! Not sure I'd want to live here, but I sure do enjoy this city. So interesting.A quick capture before yesterday's quick sunset interior shoot in Shaw DC. @dittoresidential @shawmainstreetsCommercial interior shoot in Fairfax, VA. Turned out great, don't you think?At a commercial interior shoot in Fairfax, VA, which my client calls Beautiful sunset tonight at Lake Arkansas Bar & Grille.Ashes? Ashies?Broken windows theory. Embassy Row - Dupont Circle.Can you tell that this building has been filled in? Quite a seamless job with the brick and mortar. Um, kidding. Dupont Circle.An alley in Dupont Circle. I love the density in this neighborhood. The alleys are completely different down here.An alley in Dupont Circle absolutely dominated by fire escapes. Things you don't see any more.14th Street NW - the only constant is change.Knock knock.I just wuv dat doggy.Sleepy doggy.A I R s t r e a m . 1957 Overlander. #airstream #vintageairstream #nomadmobilemotorlodge #airstreamrenovation @dcmdbMy favorite block of Lawrence Street in Hyattsville MD.OUT, that way (to the right).Ugly until you filter the sh*t out of it in Instagram. Industrial space, Hyattsville MD. Airstream restoration workshop? @nomadmotorlodge #nomadmobilemotorlodge #airstream #airstreamrenovation @dcmdbScouting out some industrial space for @nomadmotorlodge so we can work on restoring the trailers in a real workshop. Found the most hectic little industrial pocket near the Anacostia River in Hyattsville. I love it. Reminds me of Brooklyn. #airstream #airstreamrenovation #nomadmobilemotorlodge #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream @dcmdbWe dodged a bullet at 3am here on Arkansas Avenue. Two-car collision that landed within an inch of one parked car, about a foot from another. Several injuries among passengers in the crashed cars but they were in good hands within minutes.29 feet of about 90% polished gorgeousness. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liner #1953 @nomadmotorlodge #nomadmobilemotorlodgeAirstreams and Aeros. The next big fad in silver roadgoing object juxtapositioning. #saab #sportcombi #aero #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer @nomadmotorlodge @dcmdbAwful quiet on Arkansas Avenue. He's coming back through in a few minutes. #motorcade #president #obama #dclifeDM me if you or anyone you know might be interested in an original signed Julius Shulman print. I have 16 of them. Most are 16x20. All are from Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Architects represented in the collection include Richard Neutra, Rudolph Schindler, Rafael Soriano, Gregory Ain. A remarkable collection. These are gallery prints, not studio or editorial prints. #juliusshulman #shulman #richardneutra #neutra #rudolphschindler #schindler #rafaelsoriano #soriano #gregoryain #silverlake #losfeliz #echopark #losangeles #midcentury #modernism #modernist #architecturemore



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