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Just waiting for the light.Setting up the shot.When your work car is in the shop but you've gotta keep working. Fortunately, this was a one-shot assignment, so I only needed one lens. And two strobes. #porsche #911sc #saab #sportcombiLooking for an assistant to help with architectural shoots. My only requirement is that your IG username be @sleaze.inc - Urgent. So many shoots this month.Views for miles. Ethel the 1962 Airstream Bambi. Martha's Vineyard. Views for miles. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #neveridle @ctassaf @nomadmmlodge @opalmileUp on the hill, the trailers are positioned such that they form a little plaza on the knoll. Coming soon, a fire pit. The trailers will stay on Martha's Vineyard for seven weeks. #neveridle #liveriveted #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #airstream @outdoorsy.co @nomadmmlodge @ctassaf @opalmileNo seriously. We mean up a really big hill. And we mean the real top of the world. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #neveridle @nomadmmlodge @outdoorsy.coEthel the 1962 Airstream Bambi on top of the world. #neveridle #liveriveted #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #airstream @ctassaf @opalmile @nomadmmlodge @outdoorsy.coWe did it. Two vintage Airstreams up on a bluff on Martha's Vineyard. Not without a lot of help from a guy named Gibby, though, and his dozer with a ball hitch. What a feat. @nomadmmlodge @outdoorsy.co @opalmile @ctassaf #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #neveridleHow 9 year olds interpret the Airstream invasion of Housatonic Avenue. #neveridle #neighbors #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer @everytimeisayyourname @nomadmmlodgeMoonrise over the Housatonic at Uncle Paulie's @everytimeisayyourname with @nomadmmlodge.Uncle Paulie's house in Stratford CT. Built 1735. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #neveridle @nomadmmlodge @everytimeisayyournameAirstream invasion on Housatonic Avenue. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer 1962 #bambi 1964 #overlander #liveriveted #neveridleOur first stop: a dead end just off Interstate 95 in Stratford CT with a pretty nice view of the Housatonic River. Thanks for letting us stay the night, Uncle Paulie (@everytimeisayyourname) #airstream #vintageairstream #liveriveted #neveridleQuick stop for fuel in South Jersey, on the way to our Day 1 overnight stay in Stratford CT. Tomorrow: Martha's Vineyard. Delivering TWO @nomadmmlodge vintage airstream trailers for a 7 week rental. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #neveridle @airstream_incI would open a bar there and I would call I Fire escape. Fells Point, Baltimore MD.#vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #savetheairstreams @nomadmmlodge #liveriveted #neveridleI kinda love Baltimore.@nomadmmlodge rented Dimples to the organizer of the Baltimore Wine Fest this weekend. Definitely not a high profile event rental. They're using him as a center of operations, tucked way back in the corner, wedged between two large white trucks. It's perfect for them, though. We're thrilled.  #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #liveriveted @outdoorsy.co #neveridle #airstream @airstream_incAlright, been here since 1:00 today shooting a converted garage. Almost done. Now it's all about waiting for the light. I've got the inside lit up. Outside just needs to mellow out. Go on, sun, git.Walked from home down to my scouting visit at 7th & Penn (3.9 miles) but took the Metro home. It went fine. Caught my green line train within a minute, and made it to Petworth/Georgia Ave with no surprises. #metro #wmata #unsuckdcmetro #washingtondcFrom a scouting visit in a renovated 2BR/2BA corporate apartment on the 12th floor of a building at 7th & Penn NW. The view from every room is monumental.The FBI building is one ugly son of a. #fbi #washingtondc #brutalism #brutalist #brutal_architecture@greg_ledesma They moved from leafy, sunny, low key LA to hustle bustle, wood-paneled Washington DC a few years ago. They're finishing up their law degree at Georgetown and already have several offers from blue-chip law firms. They're not too keen on blue chip law, though. Probably going to do Ooo Ooo interest law. @ten10site #stanbittersRain barrels and the Martian in the backyard. The rain needs to stop.Sunset on L Street NW.Today's view has been brought to you by the National Audubon Society, by way of Baker & McKenzie, who hosted the Audubon event in their amazing top floor conference room.Can't get enough of Carderock Springs MD. Returned today for exterior shots. Badly misjudged the sun position on the shots the client wanted. Not sun dappled through thick foliage. Full on harsh shadow. So I'll go back for those later today when the sun is lower on the horizon. Found this little gem point of view while I was there. #carderock #mcm midcentury #midcenturymodern #midcenturyarchitecture #marylandmodernStand clear of the closing doors.Stand clear of the closing doors.Stand clear of the closing doors.more



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