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Extraordinary mountain cabin, exterior, hill side. Jemez Mountains.Extraordinary mountain cabin, exterior, lower pavilion. Jemez Mountains.Extraordinary mountain cabin, interior view, rear. At the base of tent rock formations. Jemez Mountains.Inspired by @g_20190, part 3.Inspired by @g_20190, part 2.Inspired by @g_20190 - I've definitely got my own distinct style, but increasingly I'm taking inspiration from the soft and organic visual language of my better half's work. And I'm getting better as a result.Cabin John, MD.They did it right when your photo of a building looks like a CGI rendering. Photo by @g_20190 edit by @mkw4114.Pea soup in the skies above Arkansas Avenue tonight. Lightning every once in a while. Something is brewing.Last few minutes of sunshine on Arkansas Avenue, looking across Piney Branch. Great time for a walk with the doglet. Bigdog decided to sit this one out. Her loss.My first shot today at an expanded bungalow in the AU Park neighborhood, before I switched the camera over to manual mode. F2.8 would NOT have done the trick. At least I had it set to record in RAW format. My first few exterior shots were in JPG and I had to reshoot them. Photographer's life. All good.Petworth.Ford Ranger. Farm Use.Ford Ranger. Farm Use.Ford Ranger. Farm Use.Red barn, Colonial Beach VA.#Michelin #michelinman #rockcreekpark #johndeereFor @g_20190 from La Cueva picnic area in the Jemez Mountains. I miss you! See you in a couple days.I AM IN NEW MEXICO AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.Haven't posted a picture of the backyard in a while. Adirondacks are pretty much gone, buried under ivy. I love it.One of my favorite houses. Next door to friend Harley Muse's property in Colonial Beach VA. Guess the person who lives there has gotten sick and is recovering in Florida. I'm moving in.Spent the day driving around Virginia wine country today, but not for wine tasting, unfortunately. It was a nice drive, though. Here: an abandoned house in Haymarket. #virginia #virginiawinecountry #haymarket #abandonedplacesIt's going to be home for a good portion of the month of May, and probably July and August, and possibly September too. #shasta #airflyte #airflyte58 #cannedham @nomadmotorlodge @nomadmmlodge #vintagetrailer #vintagetrailerrestorationSlightly off center. Navy Yard, SE DC.Home nearing sunset.Nini took a rock stacking class in the park today and the teacher said she did very well. #teacuppoodle #toypoodle #rockstacking #rockstackDusk, Woodner Apartments. 16th Street NW. #midcenturymodern #midcenturyapartments #duskSaturday evening at the Woodner. #midcenturymodern #midcenturyapartmentsWindswept Nini in east Texas. Just a wisp of a thing. Could barely keep her feet on the ground. #teacuppoodleEver seen the inside of a vintage Coke machine? I hadn't until I bought this one in Amarillo TX as a decoration for Nomad Mountain Pizza in the Jemez Mountains outside of Santa Fe. Fun! #vintagecocacolamachine #cocacolacollectorFor this trip to New Mexico, I finally got a dog sitter for Sydney. What a huge relief for everyone. She's having a great time in Woodley Park, Nini is living the good life with us on the road, and I'm so much less stressed knowing she's in great hands. #pitbull #pibble #whippet #whibblemore



Michael K. Wilkinson is an architectural photographer based in Washington DC. Instagram is his creative outlet, and he uses it on a daily basis, sometimes hourly. We've plugged his Instagram feed into the space above this paragraph in the hopes of keeping the homepage fresh on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Please forgive any non-architectural, uninteresting or otherwise generally nonprofessional photographs in the Instagram feed. In particular, please forgive all the dog photos. Thank you.


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