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Great brunch yesterday with eggs and fresh lettuce from Alicia and Joel's little urban farm, and tomatoes from the garden up the hill behind my house. Yum. Local.This is my flowerfriend.Sydney says, dog, it's time for some wine.Unexpected #lagardotackett score yesterday at Ruff N Ready. I've gotten some neat things there over the years but this is probably my best find ever. Buried in the bottom drawer of a dresser that was buried down a cluttered aisle. So Ruff N Ready. #TackettAn aborted photo shoot today. It's easily going to be the best shoot in years, and probably the best one for some years to come. It just wasn't ready today. Maybe mid-August.Not sure I posted this one from early this week. SydneyBoo Olive Ewe.Light switch, elevator cab, Tilden Gardens Co-op, Washington DC.I've always loved this complex of coop buildings on Tilden Street at Connecticut Avenue. Finally, after 22 years in DC, I get a look inside for an upcoming 3BR/2BA renovation shoot.Happy bright green house as seen way down the alley.I ordered a fucking Uber today a couple hours after SCOTUS and as the car made its way to me, it was shown on the map zipping my way with a little unicorn fart rainbow exhaust trail. I fucking love Uber. @uber_dc #scotus #loveislove #equality #marriageequalityA great day in America. Thank you, SCOTUS. THANK YOU.Sneaky little old Toyota hiding behind all that marble.The FDIC building has the awesomest ceiling tile. View's not too shabby either.Kind of an inauspicious place to be called LIBERTY PLAZA. Hm.Event work today and tomorrow at OAS. Beautiful building.One side of this tree gets all the rainwater runoff. The other side is nice and woody.Lake Arkansas after the storm. So beautiful.Lake Arkansas after the storm.Lake Arkansas after the storm.Super bizarro colors tonight. Wow.And that's a wrap ... for tonight. Bright sunlight kicked my ass all afternoon but the magic 20 minutes at dusk went pretty well. Back to the site early tomorrow for photos with morning sunlight.Oh, and I almost forgot this one from yesterday's crazy storm. A moment of calm in between bursts. Happy trees and plants. #cloudporn& large teddy bears.Can't imagine they would have needed much more than a quart of each color to transform this building from an anonymous midcentury industrial box into this very charming neighborhood treasure. So glad they left the glass blocks intact.New #Petworth mural nearing completion at 8th and Upshur. Sweet.I'd love to own a bar where I was *just* busy enough to pay all my bills, but it was slow enough that I could actually talk to all the customers. Got this place practically to myself this late afternoon.Decided to add a little color to the stair wall. #abramofsky #israelabramofsky #toledo #toledoartistSomewhere deep on the campus of Catholic Univ.Inside Hartke Theatre at Catholic U. Nice space.Spent some time on the campus of Catholic University yesterday and today. Here, behind Hartke Theatre.Some bizarrely angry looking clouds on the trailing edge of this most recent downpour. #cloudpornForest structure. Builder: unknown. Rock Creek Park.Tiny dog on a walk in the woods. #teacuppoodle #toypoodlemore



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