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Dogpile! Look closely and you can actually see Nini's one remaining tooth sticking out of her mouth. #teacuppoodle #toypoodle #whibble #pitbull #whippet.World world world world world. World is a weird word. Say that 20 times, fast.No caption.Aw rats.A PUBLIC NOTICE FOR RESIDENTS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA#nofilterMy favorite place. Room & Board.Got a burst. U Street.Let's go with the full-on Lo-Fi filter on this one, eh.Red thing with one round bay and one square bay. U Street.More glazed block.One of my favorite things: the glazed architectural blocks on the school building at 16th and Upshur Street NW.Huge @petes_newhaven delivery this afternoon ... 30 each of sweet sausage & artichoke, veggie combo, shrimp & garlic, and (exclusive for this order) BBQ chicken. Headed to Smithsonian Air and Space later tonight, via Occasions Caterers. That's a LOT of pizza.W Ĺ‚azienka w domku.Special bonus for tenants on floors 1 and 2: turquoise brick. Bethesda MD.MFight! Fight! Finally, a creature that actually makes Nini look huge. Next door neighbor is still looking for a home for one of the kittens born about 7 weeks ago. #kitten #kittie #kittens #kitties #teacuppoodle #toypoodleDon't think I've ever had an assignment where I could drive on curvy back roads and scenic parkways basically the entire distance. And today was the perfect day for it. Life is grand. @dcmdb #mvallentime #porsche #911SCSomeone turns 4 today! Happy birthday to Miriammonster!HEN LUNG LAUNDRY. H Street NE.I believe the sign contains three light bulbs.H Street Satellite Public Library, and the ugly building next to it.Rain, rain, take the pollen away!14Naylor Court NW, Washington DC. My favorite pocket neighborhood.Dusk is the best time of day.Naylor Court, dusk.Naylor Court.Small two-story house with partially completed deck off the second floor. Plus new front light fixtures. Deanwood, NE DC.Crouching Camaro. Jay Street NE, (Deanwood), Washington DC.Eads Street NE. No Outlet.No Sunday service. Kansas Avenue NW at Randolph.When the sun performs a little bit of magic.more



Michael K. Wilkinson is an architectural photographer based in Washington DC. Instagram is his creative outlet, and he uses it on a daily basis, sometimes hourly. We've plugged his Instagram feed into the space above this paragraph in the hopes of keeping the homepage fresh on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Please forgive any non-architectural, uninteresting or otherwise generally nonprofessional photographs in the Instagram feed. In particular, please forgive all the dog photos. Thank you.


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