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Last shot 9pm last night in Potomac MD, first shot 0500 this morning in NW DC.Another summer night, another beautiful home. This one is in Potomac MD. A great room addition off the back of a pretty standard suburban colonial. Client: Saltbox Architecture & Construction. With thanks to Avery (@sleaze.inc) for the assist.Not entirely intentional, but because we didn't follow up quickly enough after saying we were going to buy the truck, the seller went ahead and sent it to the paint shop for a new Best food in Lordsburg NM. In other words, it's ok.Pulling tin. Somewhere in New Mexico (last weekend). 1961 Airstream Overlander. Hopefully getting added to the fleet next year after restoration. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #savetheairstreams #neveridle @nomadmmlodgeRoadside repair # 4 or 5 (or 20?) on our epic NM to DC journey with the unrestored 1961 Airstream Overlander. You're constantly glancing in the rear view mirrors. When you see one of the rare, fragile (and expensive!) original Hehr awning windows flapping in the wind in the mountains of West Virginia, you take the very next exit and break out the aluminum duct tape. Problem solved. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #diy #roadsiderepair #liveriveted #neveridle @nomadmmlodgeQuick rest stop, Central Kentucky. 7-ish hours until we arrive back in Washington DC with Mahogany, Nomad's newest vintage Airstream trailer. #vintagetrailer #airstream #1961 #overlander #neveridleThere's an Airstream up there at the foot of the pine forest. Can you see it? @nomadmmlodge western HQ, Jemez Mountains, La Cueva NM.  #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #neveridleIt's why they call it the village of Jemez Springs. The springs are HOT.Nope, it's not a vintage trailer, but @nomadmmlodge picked up an awesome beater truck to leave in New Mexico for when we're working (or playing) at the new western HQ for the business, a 7-acre piece of land with a creek and a power pole at the base of Bandolier National Monument. This truck is awesome. 7.3L PowerStroke diesel, 4WD, tow package, low miles (154K). And the seller is a diesel mechanic who'll work on it anytime we need maintenance or repairs. Score. Oh, and it was about 3k below KBB.She lives in a compound of four vintage trailers in the desert in southern New Mexico, without water or power, but the sun sets like this every day. #spartan #spartanette #vintagetrailerKelly's compound. A true wonder. Four Spartan trailers arranged in a circle to form a courtyard. Middle of the desert outside of Lordsburg NM. Four acres littered with vintage trailers, truck tires, broken Jeeps, and four adorable pitties who have a combined total of 15 legs. @nomadmmlodge #spartan #spartanetteHome for the night. Lordsburg NM. Day 1 of the NM to DC adventure towing a 1963 Airstream Overlander, to be added to the @nomadmmlodge fleet. You would be damn proud of me, @clfolsomHome for the night. Lordsburg NM. Day 1 of the NM to DC adventure towing a 1961 Airstream Overlander, to be added to the @nomadmmlodge fleet.It was amazing. I found an empty parking space in the indoor parking garage, on an incredibly hot day, right next to the entrance of the Safeway. What a lucky guy. Two SportCombi Aero 6speeds. Mine on the left. #saab #sportcombi #aero #savethemanuals #6MTSeat fabric. 1964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan. Very Alexander Girard, if you ask me. #ford #countrysedan #Galaxy #galaxy500 #galaxy500countrysedan #countrysquire1964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan. Manufactured, purchased new and driven by the original owner for 40 years in Canada for the express purpose of pulling an Airstream. 390V8, 3 speed overdrive manual, 91964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan. Manufactured, purchased new and driven by the original owner for 40 years in Canada for the express purpose of pulling an Airstream. 390V8, 3 speed overdrive manual, 9First time I've ever driven a column-shift manual transmission. Nice, with the 390 4bbl. 1964 Ford Galaxy Country Sedan. It's about 4 miles long. #ford #Galaxy #galaxy500 #countrysedan #countrysquireSpaceball Laser Killer Glowgirl Dog. #pibble #pitbull #whippet #whibbleWorst drive in a long time. All red lights, slow drivers, rude cyclists, big potholes, and really intense sun. What a beating, on both the car and driver. We did have a fun time in Shaw-NoMa-Truxton Circle, though. Car shown on unit block of N Street NW, near Hanover Place NW. #porsche #911sc #aircooledThe road less traveled. Actually, the onramp to the Beltway from Georgia Ave. Where's the traffic?And this week's champ award goes to the 911SC for pulling daily driver duty, without so much as a hiccup, while the Miata got new brakes and then went back to have the broken new brakes redone, and while the Saab had a coolant leak (waterfall) repaired. Good boy, old Porsche. #porsche #911scWell, wish me luck from here on out. Just drove out of the 36,000 mile warrantee on the Miata. #Mazda #miata #mx5 #1990.Just waiting for the light.Setting up the shot.When your work car is in the shop but you've gotta keep working. Fortunately, this was a one-shot assignment, so I only needed one lens. And two strobes. #porsche #911sc #saab #sportcombiLooking for an assistant to help with architectural shoots. My only requirement is that your IG username be @sleaze.inc - Urgent. So many shoots this month.Views for miles. Ethel the 1962 Airstream Bambi. Martha's Vineyard. Views for miles. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #neveridle @ctassaf @nomadmmlodge @opalmileUp on the hill, the trailers are positioned such that they form a little plaza on the knoll. Coming soon, a fire pit. The trailers will stay on Martha's Vineyard for seven weeks. #neveridle #liveriveted #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #airstream @outdoorsy.co @nomadmmlodge @ctassaf @opalmileNo seriously. We mean up a really big hill. And we mean the real top of the world. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #neveridle @nomadmmlodge @outdoorsy.coEthel the 1962 Airstream Bambi on top of the world. #neveridle #liveriveted #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #airstream @ctassaf @opalmile @nomadmmlodge @outdoorsy.comore



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