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My favorite block of Lawrence Street in Hyattsville MD.OUT, that way (to the right).Ugly until you filter the sh*t out of it in Instagram. Industrial space, Hyattsville MD. Airstream restoration workshop? @nomadmotorlodge #nomadmobilemotorlodge #airstream #airstreamrenovation @dcmdbScouting out some industrial space for @nomadmotorlodge so we can work on restoring the trailers in a real workshop. Found the most hectic little industrial pocket near the Anacostia River in Hyattsville. I love it. Reminds me of Brooklyn. #airstream #airstreamrenovation #nomadmobilemotorlodge #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream @dcmdbWe dodged a bullet at 3am here on Arkansas Avenue. Two-car collision that landed within an inch of one parked car, about a foot from another. Several injuries among passengers in the crashed cars but they were in good hands within minutes.29 feet of about 90% polished gorgeousness. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liner #1953 @nomadmotorlodge #nomadmobilemotorlodgeAirstreams and Aeros. The next big fad in silver roadgoing object juxtapositioning. #saab #sportcombi #aero #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer @nomadmotorlodge @dcmdbAwful quiet on Arkansas Avenue. He's coming back through in a few minutes. #motorcade #president #obama #dclifeDM me if you or anyone you know might be interested in an original signed Julius Shulman print. I have 16 of them. Most are 16x20. All are from Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Architects represented in the collection include Richard Neutra, Rudolph Schindler, Rafael Soriano, Gregory Ain. A remarkable collection. These are gallery prints, not studio or editorial prints. #juliusshulman #shulman #richardneutra #neutra #rudolphschindler #schindler #rafaelsoriano #soriano #gregoryain #silverlake #losfeliz #echopark #losangeles #midcentury #modernism #modernist #architectureSometimes the biggest challenge on a large commercial interior shoot on a weekend is ... the front door. We're going to have to reschedule this one. Key card didn't work. Probably authorized for weekdays only. #unexpectedlyfreesaturdaySaab 96, spotted in Laurel MD in mid-December 2014. #saab #v4Saab 96, spotted in Laurel MD in mid-December 2014.Saab 96, spotted in Laurel MD in mid-December 2014.My favorite barely used chair. Craigslist wingback in the closet/laundry room.Lumpy pillow.Confession: despite their plasticky interiors, I'm actually quite fond of Argosy trailers from the mid-70s. #airstream #airstreamrenovation #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #savetheairstreams #argosy #nomadmobilemotorlodgeWho's ever even seen one of these? A 2009 District of Columbia quarter with Duke Ellington. Just found this one at the bottom of my paperclip and rubber band jar. Put it there to make sure it didn't get dropped into a parking meter. It worked.Very large objet d'art. Anacostia DC. Dusk, 6 January 2015.Father Anthony New Clairvaux collection.1/1/2015. Who's partaking in some of this and what's your poison? Lucky me, I was pretty moderate last night, so all I need is the real thing.December 31st, and the cherry blossom tree in my neighbor's backyard just keeps blooming and blooming and blooming.Do-over. Looks much better in grayscale. #stendig #moocow @needsupplyLooks like an XWD when you put it up on the lift. #saab #saab93 #aero #sportcombiAt my favorite little garage up the street getting some maintenance done. Who would have thought you had to remove the washer fluid filler tube and fuse box cover to replace the left headlight bulb, and the airbox to replace the right. Saab story. Also getting fresh oil & filter, and a front brakepad status check. #saab #saab93 #sportcombi #aero #6spSunday drive in the country. Unfortunately, not convertible weather.NEW BRAKES. RECENT TUNEUP. NEEDS HUBCAPS.Reflection of the convertible in the plate glass window, as seen in the rear view mirror of the convertible.After all these years, I still love alleys more than anything else.I think I love that digger. Or was dusk just clouding my judgment?Miss Pixie's was closed today, so I was reduced to window shopping. Otherwise, this tapestry would have been mine.14th Street doesn't stop changing. It just won't quit.more



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