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Rain barrels and the Martian in the backyard. The rain needs to stop.Sunset on L Street NW.Today's view has been brought to you by the National Audubon Society, by way of Baker & McKenzie, who hosted the Audubon event in their amazing top floor conference room.Can't get enough of Carderock Springs MD. Returned today for exterior shots. Badly misjudged the sun position on the shots the client wanted. Not sun dappled through thick foliage. Full on harsh shadow. So I'll go back for those later today when the sun is lower on the horizon. Found this little gem point of view while I was there. #carderock #mcm midcentury #midcenturymodern #midcenturyarchitecture #marylandmodernStand clear of the closing doors.Stand clear of the closing doors.Stand clear of the closing doors.Sunset. Rooftop. Wine. Breeze. Life is good.Up on the roof at Jerry's place in Adams Morgan. Wonderful.Werkywerky. From today's shoot in Carderock Springs, Bethesda MD.From today's shoot in Carderock Springs, Bethesda MD.From today's shoot in Carderock Sorings, Bethesda MD. #midcentury #midmod #midcenturymodern #carderockWhen we were all inside the studio after the segment aired, she strode past where we were standing, not knowing who we were, and said Two chirpy guys, one grouchy guy. Guess which one drove the truck and trailer from Maryland to Manhattan overnight. Yup. The other Michael is driving back today. He won't be smiling by the time we get back to Maryland.Lucy in the Big Apple, broad daylight. #airstream #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #liverivetedLucy the 1964 Airstream Overlander in the heart of Times Square. Feature to be broadcast in the 8:30 segment of Good Morning America this morning. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #liveriveted #savetheairstreamsArrival of vintage Airstream in Manhattan: 0345. Half hour early. Going to try to nap in the diplomatic parking lane on 49th Street. Wish us luck. #airstream #vintageairstream #savetheairstreams #goodmorningamerica@mkw4114 pinchpot with fiber art, this time with buttercup. @brendanroddyartSome pottery. Mexico (L). Acoma NM (R). #acoma #acomapuebloAnother lion plus two elephants. Amazing. They never sh*t. Unlike those two dogs. #BitossiTwo of the lions at the animal farm here at Lake Arkansas.#Bitossi #pinchpotThe Bitossi farm welcomes a new toy to the animal shelf. Pinch pot with red yarn. #Bitossi #bitossipottery #bitossiceramicsI am aJust gonna do a straight up Lo-Fi on this one.WORDS IN THEIR BEST ORDER. Ed Ruscha, 2001. Tysons Corner VA.She's on her way. I'm in a waiting room with three members of congress waiting for arrival, then a round of quick private photos. Then, the famous 23 years in Washington DC and I don't think I've ever actually been at the main entrance to the Washington Hilton. Quite a cool building. #midcentury #midcenturymodern #hotelarchitectureAdjacent items speak to each other. Off The Beaten Track.Off The Beaten Track.This chair used to be black. Ask me how I know. Off The Beaten Track Warehouse. DC.I spy with my little eye: one E46 and one E39. Oh how I wish I could make them both mine. #BMW #e46 #325i #e39 #540imore



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