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Nini Buttons, BigDog, and Stan Bitters. #stanbitters #pitbull #pibble #whippet #whibble #teacuppoodle #toypoodle #environmentalceramics #midcentury #midcenturymodernMuseum Saturday.Our only Mies van der Rohe building in DC - the DC Central Library. Under appreciated modernist landmark. #Mies #miesvanderrohe #dcpl #dccentrallibraryI'm just going to leave this right here. #mercedesbenz #slsamgOn the job in Fairfax VA.Exploring the new public library in Silver Spring a couple weeks ago with @g_20190.Busting out the Red Wings for the snow storm. Got these awesome things at the source in Red Wing MN in October 2005. Good times. @redwingshoes @maretschool (patrick scott) #redwingshoes #redwingFrom a scouting visit at Friends of the Earth, central business district, WDC.Water on the water meter.Absolutely love the fact that Stan Bitters is associated with anything manufactured by Environmental Ceramics of San Francisco just because there’s a book about his work with the title “Environmental Ceramics.” This is not Stan Bitters. Still, quite love this piece. #stanbitters #environmentalceramics #environmentalceramicsincThis one is going to look great next to the one I posted last night.Opening at Civilian Art Projects on upper 14th Street tonight. Nice night out. Happy weekend, y'all.At a longstanding corporate portrait client, where the architecture is as good or better than most of my architecture assignments.Sometimes she just falls asleep. Standing up (sort of). Can you tell which end is head and which is tail? #poodle #toypoodle #teacuppoodle #seniordogs #whoadoptedwhomLook carefully. 1400 block P Street NW.ADAPT. Piney Branch Parkway under Park Road overpass.Three V8s. #ford #crownvic #crownvictoria #V8 #panther #pantherplatform #taxi #cab #taxicabNot going to be a parking lot forever.Miscellaneous late 2015 photos. 5th and New York Ave NW, Mt Vernon Sq.Miscellaneous late 2015 photos. 5th Street NW between L and M, Mt Vernon Sq.Miscellaneous 2015 leftovers. 800 block of 6th Street NW, Chinatown.Posting some miscellany from 2015 now that it's 2016. Powder room as seen from kitchen. Home.My favorite thing about New Years Day: installing the Stendig calendar! #Stendig #moocow #vignelli #massimovignelliTwo Father Anthony (@monksofvina) and a @tortus_copenhagen walk into a bar together...Someone learned how to write her name using century gothic as the guideline. Attagirl.1600 block Taylor St NW.At Lake Arkansas Bar & Grille. Trim on the back door is finally finished, 8 years after we had the new door installed. Yeah.The epic Sydney vs Delilah battle of 2015. Cat wins paws down. Every time.#traffic #nofilterA condo shoot today that was staged with all vintage furniture, art and accessories. Stunning.A condo shoot today that was staged with all vintage furniture, art and accessories. Stunning.Who the #@% steals the side view mirrors off of a Miata in broad daylight? This isn’t the South Bronx ca 1979. WTF? Hey, side question. Anyone have any mariner blue manual rear view mirrors lying around? #Mazda #Miata #mx5 #1990From a condo shoot today for a client I haven't worked for since 2006. Three cheers for the persistence and hard work it takes to claw back after some bumps in the road (and ups and downs in the market). Fun part: I'm a LOT better than I was 9 years ago. Photos are much better this time around.more



Michael K. Wilkinson is an architectural photographer based in Washington DC. Instagram is his creative outlet, and he uses it on a daily basis, sometimes hourly. We've plugged his Instagram feed into the space above this paragraph in the hopes of keeping the homepage fresh on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Please forgive any non-architectural, uninteresting or otherwise generally nonprofessional photographs in the Instagram feed. In particular, please forgive all the dog photos. Thank you.


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